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**Note | content has been changed from project deliverable. The image emphasizes the content strucure.

LASSA: Redesigning Customer Portal for Single & Bulk Upload


UX Researcher

UI Designer


3 Months


  • Abobe Photoshop
  • miro
  • figma
  • Abobe Xd


LASAA, Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency, regulates outdoor advertising across Lagos State, encompassing signage, billboards, posters, and other forms of outdoor advertising. They issue permits and licenses, including physical and mobile e-stickers, to ensure adherence to established standards, guidelines, and regulations.


The outdated sticker/ licence creation portal led to confusion and inaccuracies in mobile sticker designs for branded vehicles. Its flawed file import process, coupled with unclear instructions, frustrated customers and resulted in compliance issues. Consequently, incorrect information inputted into the system led to fines for non-compliance with sticker regulations. I was tasked with redesigning the portal to enhance input and upload processes, ensuring a smoother experience for customers.

The Solution

A new sticker creation portal featuring clear instructions and visual aids to guide users seamlessly from start to finish. The portal also utilized column mapping to streamline the data input process. This redesign significantly reduced customer frustration, ensured accurate information input, and increased compliance with sticker regulations.

UNDER NDA | Please contact me for an interview to discuss our outcomes. 

Key Learnings

  • What truly defines simplicity? -  While we often link it to minimalism, simplicity isn't always about fewer steps. Sometimes, achieving clarity requires adding an extra step.

- The Tricky Path To Simplifying Data Upload- 

Observing How Users Interact with the Product

Adopting an unconventional approach, I initiated user research through usability testing. I closely observed five new users, including two small business owners who are not technologically savvy, as they uploaded information about their branded vehicles into the existing portal to print the required mobile stickers.

Key Insights
  • Outdated design, confusing navigation and unresponsive elements, which create a disorienting user experience.

  • Unclear guidance, it wasn’t evidently clear what constituded the an acceptable by the system.

    • “What are the accepted file types? can I use CSV or is it only XLS?”​

    • “I’m uploading information for a large fleet of vehicles, what if my file is too big?”

    • “Don’t tell me I have to do this manually or redo my spreadsheet! my spreadsheet’s columns don’t match?”


  • Vague errors messages that provided little information on how to repair the issues experienced when inputing and uploading their data.

    • “It says error but i don’t know what the issue is! How do I fix what I don’t know?”​​​

After conducting my initial round of user testing, it became evident that the outdated design resulted in a disorienting user experience. Interestingly, I observed that the majority of users were not uploading single vehicles but rather entire fleets at once. Consequently, much of the user confusion arose during bulk uploads. In response, I developed a comprehensive template to assist users through the bulk upload process during user research. However, despite these efforts, users continued to encounter errors during the upload process.

Thus for my next round of research, I prioritised understanding the bulk upload feature.


Visualizing the Current Process Flow

I developed the process flow as a blueprint for the project. By mapping out every step and interaction in the user journey, I gained clarity and structure in the design process. This allowed me to pinpoint bottlenecks and areas for improvement more effectively.

Creation of Core Data Attributes

My next task involved establishing our core bulk attributes to configure the column-mapping process according to these attributes.

- What are Competitors Doing? - 

Benchmarking and Research for Bulk Uploads

Building on the key insights gleaned from user research, I conducted secondary research on similar platforms to analyse their user flow and user experience.

Key Insights
  • Providing clear and detailed information upfront is crucial because it helps users navigate and take the actions they want.

  • Provide confirmations for important actions - a success message should accompany completed tasks, while an error message should clearly describe the exact issues encountered, helping users understand what happened and guiding them forward.


  • Incorporating format error indicators into a table will help users identify and rectify any errors efficiently. 

  • Implementing column mapping allows users to match the attributes on the column headers of their files. This ensures that the source and target columns are correctly positioned.

  • Pagination should offer users a "Jump to page" input and a "Show X results" dropdown, enhancing speed and customization in their user experience.


- Let's Get to Sketching!! - 

With user research mainly concluded, I got busy with my sketches to put all my findings onto paper and rapidly develop concepts.