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**Note | content has been changed from project deliverable. The image emphasizes the chatbot's structure.

OneScotia Mobile Chatbot Design


UX Researcher

UI Designer


1 Week


  • Abobe Photoshop
  • miro
  • figma
  • Abobe Xd


In the Ivey Digital Innovation Studio collaboration with Scotiabank, we were tasked with designing a digital solution that enhances customer experience in the ever-changing financial market. The proposed solution must take into account the complexities of customer preference, demonstrate value and differentiate Scotiabank from traditional financial institutions. 

The Solution

Our solution was OneScotia; a digital-first solution that combats the agnostic feelings of customers towards their banks to increase customer loyalty and create a lasting impression. OneScotia goes against traditional rewards systems by proactively distributing personalized rewards, improving financial literacy and automatically growing with customers. 

UNDER NDA | Please contact me for an interview to discuss our outcomes. 

Key Learnings

I learned the importance of being flexible to constraints and changing requirements. My team identified several opportunities to address user pain points, but adapted them based on new insights and requirements. For this reason, it is vital to communicate with clients regularly to ensure that the product is feasible.

- The Road To One Scotia- 

We employed a non-linear, iterative design thinking process that allowed us to understand Scotia’s customers, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions to prototype and test.​The design thinking methodology provided us with tools and techniques that enabled us to effectively assessing the current environment and propose a solution that was both viable and feasible. 

Empathized with Customers

"Putting the user in the center guarantees a long-lasting product."

I conducted surveys and interviews with major stakeholders to identify our limitations and assess what problem poses the most urgency or ability to make an impact.

This stage focused on empathizing with customers in order to determine what drives their decision-making process when it comes to banking. In doing so, we were able to identify many customer pain points that could be easily mitigated through the implementation of digital tools. 

Prioritized Features to Increase Impact

"Contrary to what you might think, having too many features for all user needs makes life more difficult."

Utilizing the insights from our research stage, I synthesized data to derive overarching pain points and opportunity spaces from our project. 

Ideated and Brought Solution to Life

"Clearly showcasing the intricacies and complexities of OneScotia to encourage collaboration."

I  brought our idea to life with a high-fidelity prototype and presented OneScotia to the Vice President Enterprise Digital Marketing Sales & Growth at Scotiabank.

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